Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When I'm awfully low, And the World is Cold, I Will Feel Aglow Just Thinking of You and The Way You Look Tonight

It was a long trip to Wednesday this week. More snow and then more snow and then more snow in the forecast. I made a goofy attempt at riding home after more freshly fallen sleet and fell smack down in the slushy road right in front of work. Not cool. It's weird because when you fall off your bike the series of events, how you fell and what actually got slammed around is super fuzzy. I'm not even sure why I fell so hard because I just turned the corner but somehow my knee and my face hurt at the end of it. The whole side of my body was wet so I slinked back and locked my bike before boarding the nearby bus in shame and hoped no one noticed. And like everyday here in Brooklyn, no one did notice me. Sniff sniff.

But thus is life after 40 in this town. Sigh. It's good though, it breeds humility and humbleness.

Thank goodness for chili con carne when you're feelin' all cold and a little needy! This is the working man's stew. Ground beef, roasted veggies, two kinds of beans. Am I right or am I right? It is all the attention I need tonight.

I got the fresh tomatillos, cilantro, green and red bell peppers, the biggest jalapenos from the market on the way home. I commenced to roast some and saute the others with some onion and garlic.

I browned the ground beef, added my special homemade chili powder and spices let that get all romantic with the vegetables before adding my beans, pinto and black and whole roma tomatoes.

A little thing I do at the end because P likes his chili thick is I add a bit of fine corn meal as a thickener and also a nice flavor boost.

Woke up today, my day off, to more snow but I know that I have that big pot waiting for me and the sun is coming out and nothing sucks at the moment.

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