Friday, January 21, 2011

Stay'in Alive

I got a great reveiw from P's boss about my habbie brownies (see, If Ideas were Horses)! So exciting! She said she 'loved them and the heat was perfect and they had just the right 'saltkick'", which I understood actually because I was a little nervous adding the salt to the nuts but thought it would make the whole brownie come together and makes sense taste-wise.
The good review gave me just enough confidence-kick to stuff some pork chops when I got home. The temps were dropping fast tonight. Lee Goldberg announced 'Brutal Chill' with appropriate graphics for the weekend. So I revved up that little Barbie oven and got those babies in there. I lightly sauteed some garlic, bread crumbs and spinach for the stuffing. After making the pockets and stuffing them, I added a slice of monterey jack cheese and then egg dipped and breaded the chops in seasoned Panko crumbs.
I'm forcing a baked sweet potato side because we need to eat them and I wanted to try a butter, brown sugar and chili powder topping .

Everything feels great at the moment. We both have tomorrow off and to my knowledge nothing horrible is looming out there for me and we get to sleep in and sit and have coffee together in the morning. The house is warm and smells like good food.

But just because I can't seem to let sleeping dogs lie, I googled 'more dead birds' because I've been curious to see if they've solved those mysteries. What I found was a bunch more disturbing articles about not only more cases of drop dead birds, crabs & fish but now also cattle mysteriously dying en masse. And its everywhere around the world. So, this could either be 'not unusual at all' as some report or it is directly related to all these temperature changes and record cold spells everyone is having this winter. So about a 'hunnerd fears come to mind and one is if the animals react this quickly to the change in weather, what the hell are we in for here in the next ten years?

Sounds like its time to go ride a bull named Fu Man Chu and live like we're dying and go rocky mountain skydiving and all that nonsense the pop country stars like to sing about. Better than sitting around waitin' to die I suppose.

But let me just add a sidenote here that the sweet potato sauce was like goodness dropping from the sky. I put some butter in a saute pan, heat on low, added a teaspoon of the cayenne chili powder mix along with a tablespoon of brown sugar and about a 1/4 cup of orange juice and a dash of salt. Let that thicken up. So Good!!!

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