Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm not sure why but I get sick a lot. Not big things, just colds and flu bugs. Once the fall hits, and the sun goes away I feel more vulnerable. I think its because I was the runt of the litter. I was the last of 6 kids. I mean, the last bowl of soup from the pot admittedly is not the best. It just makes sense that maybe I was missing some essential parts or little pieces...brains, common sense, etc. I'm very strong and I think I'm pretty healthy now but I'm nothing against some of these giant NY sized multi-cultural viruses. I go down for a couple of days and then I'm fine. But it does throw off my entire week, so it kinda sucks.

For example, I had a huge weekend planned with snacks galore to celebrate our 20th anniversary on Halloween. It felt silly to go out to eat somewhere when what we really enjoy is a variety of fun appetizers and each others company. But sometimes things don't go as planned. I went down hard on my day off and didn't get to the market at all.

So tomorrow we'll play it by ear and today we made due with a nice picnic on our sunny living room floor featuring hot toasted submarines from City Subs, Brooklyn's best sub shop. Two guys, a couple of toaster ovens and fast hands. The bread is really good and they use freshly sliced meats. I'm not exactly sure why they taste as good as they do though, because they're kind of exceptional. There is something about a perfectly put together sandwich, that seems only a man can make. Of course that's ridiculous, but its just been true in my world. These guys don't have music blasting (but I think they should), and there isn't a lot of banter between them, just specific questions determining what is going in and on your little bundle. Its all pretty serious, like they're operating. They wrap it up with the same precision and you are confident its everything you dreamed it to be. And it is.

What a special treat! I miss cooking already and I'm hoping tomorrow I'll get to come home from work and whip up some food festivities of my own. I'm learning to go with the flow. I can't control what the future brings but I'm trying to make sure we enjoy it at least. When the future brings a cold, I try to pass it to P like a hot potato. Thank goodness we have plenty of amazing cheap food spots to take up the slack.

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