Friday, October 8, 2010

This Bird has Flown

P up and left me for a wild weekend with Big Ed down in Tennessee. I have a big list of things I can get done while he's gone but somehow I'm already losing large chunks of time to what I can only explain away as alien abduction. It makes sense that they'd come while P was gone.

I read that if you put a domesticated pig back into the wild, they will go feral after two weeks. I think maybe I only take about a day, day and a half. I need to stay focused.

Tonight I'm preparing the Indian Chicken Curry for the second half of the Battle of the Curries - Indian vs Thai. I think its apples and oranges though. Actually I'm already bored with my own stupid idea of this contest. I'm in the middle of making this and it smells amazing and I'm super hungry so its all moving forward! Its very comforting smelling and its bringing back memories.

When I worked in Times Square there was a Japanese Noodle place that was one of those hidden treasures that the locals knew about. I knew about it. We packed it in that tiny place at lunchtime. They served up a chicken curry udon noodle soup that I remember more than most towns I've lived in. You know they layer these flavors on the spot. First they have the broth, they add the noodles, then a big dollop of this curry sauce. Lots of green onions and a heap of spinach next. Then they add these crispy deep fried pieces of chicken that they'd put in at the last minute so when you ate the soup, the crisp was still on the crust but now it was covered in this curry and the heat would fill your nose with this aroma and the noodles would slide down your throat. Suddenly you felt so alive. Your nose was running and you were sweating and they had these horrible bright lights in this bad seating area upstairs but it didn't matter because this soup was all that was in the room. Man it was good! I'm thinking I may have just found tomorrows dish!

I'm loosely using an Epicurious recipe. You can view the complete recipe online at:

Instead of boneless chicken breasts, which were great for the Thai,I'm using bone-in thighs with the skin on. These will be much better for this. I'll bake them first so the meat falls off the bone in the curry. This is comfort food, so nice chunks of potato will go quite nicely with the peas too.

Yes Ma'am!!! This was clearly the winner to-night! Damn Good!

Man, this is like catching a huge fish when no one is looking. Except for the time eating aliens that is.

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