Sunday, October 24, 2010

I See the Bad Moon Arising

Just as I suspected, last night was a full moon. You see every full moon, I get anxious, high-strung, I breathe heavier, you might call it panting. My heart feels like it beats faster, like I've been running. I crave meat and my mood is kinda foul. And if one were to really, really push me, I might just haul off and bite them. I'm actually not kidding. It's like a lunar PMS of sorts. I've always felt it, since I was a young girl. I'm not proud of it. This is a confession. I'm sharing.

Last night and most of yesterday I felt it, a little flu-ish, not well. My bones felt like they wanted to rip right out of my body. This morning I was still off and definitely not myself.

Anyway, I'm home, its over and I'm starting to calm down. For that I can be grateful. So now I need to make a quick supper that involves something good for me but more importantly some sort of red meat to quench this werewolf feeling I've been brewing. I reach for my cheap round steak. I don't mind fighting with my meat a bit, it helps release some of this pent up aggression actually. I have a fast Mustardy Kale recipe ( and that is the whole dinner plan. I did a quickie marinade on the steaks of stone ground mustard, Worcestershire sauce and lots of cracked pepper. I'm also toasting up a little Italian bread to soak up some of this angst.

Just like in the movies when the vampires knew to take care of themselves and shield their eyes from the sun or to feed by daybreak, I've learned to take care of this weird full moon whoo-do condition of mine. When it does come I eat meat and bread. If I have to work, like I did today, I white-knuckle through it and as soon as possible, I get my crazy ass home and try not to talk too much or scare the cats. I sleep like a bear and then its over the next day.

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