Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't Make Me Over

Sometimes (and a lot of times when you're cheap like me), unless you're rich and don't mind wasting food, you have to eat leftovers and things that don't normally go together necessarily. And sometimes, that can be just as good if not better!

We had a leftover breakfast and dinner this week. The jerk chicken was better the second time around but the heat didn't mellow one bit so I made a mild broccoli- cheese-pepperoni quesadilla side with sour cream to ease the burn.

The breakfast was poached eggs over a ranchero sauce made from leftover roasted tomato salsa from my pork stew and the rest of that pepperoni stick.

When P and I first started cohabitatin' about a hunnerd years ago I noticed he didn't eat leftovers, ever. That was a shock of sorts. What the hell, I thought. He's a nice guy. That's good fried chicken in there! ..or good leftover hamburgers or casserole. Where's this guys head at? Could it be that he's just not getting it? Does he get me? Guys are weird. Okay, women are clearly a little psychotic but men are weird. After single-handedly eating all the leftovers for a few months I finally asked him about it. He said he just never considered it. Never even considered it??? Really? If he could not consider that delicious half a cheeseburger and cold fries in that refrigerator and leave them for dead, what's he gonna do with me in 7 months??? And how about considering all those starving kids in Africa huh? And what was next? Is he gonna to tell me he doesn't like cilantro??? This was serious. I didn't even want to know his reasoning. I just knew I had to turn that ship around pretty quick if it was gonna work out.

It took awhile but I'm happy to report that I learned to makeover my leftovers a bit and dress them up to look more appealing to P and P learned to eat two day old mac and cheese among other things. Tonight he came home and said 'right on, there's still some pork stew left'. And I told him to suck it.

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