Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kid you good lookin' but you don't know what's cookin' until you Mambo Italiano!

A serious migraine kidnapped my head this week so today I was just happy to be up and not feeling the crushing debilitating pain and nausea. I considered cutting my own head open for relief. Exedrin usually helps a lot but this time it just left me with a caffeine stomach and the jitters. But last night I slept well and to top it off the weather was sunny and crisp, a beautiful fall day! P had the Ryder Cup and wasn't even trying to irritate me all morning. These are the days. These are the times when life makes a lot of sense to me. The neighborhood feels alive in a positive way and for some reason I won't research too far, I do too.

Italian was on the brain because P kept talking about the Molinari brothers and how much he liked them. Plus in classic golf goofball style they played 'Mambo Italiano!' when they did their little story clip montage. I love to watch golf but the guys behind the scenes are a bunch of sentimental old fools, always tugging at the heartstrings with their back stories. What a crock! I think the brothers lost the last two holes to Zach Johnson and Mahan though.

I wanted breakfast to have some spunk so I went for an Italian pizza inspired omelet. Fresh basil, pepperoni, red peppers and mushrooms laid the bed for some mozzarella cheese and then I topped it with some diced tomatoes dressed in oregano and salt. Surprisingly special! Crappy picture though sorry!

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