Saturday, October 2, 2010

Authentic Curry

That roasted curried cauliflower left us hankerin' for more curry. We used to get a mean beef curry with green beans from Three Bow Thai on Smith Street (R.I.P.) that I was trying to model my dish after. Of course I have all this chicken so I made mine with boneless breasts. I didn't have curry paste at first, which lead me to research the differences in powders and pastes and then Indian versus Thai curry. So that lead me to make a cook-off challenge; Battle of the Curries.

Last night we had the Thai based off a basic recipe. I really love the lemon grass, the fresh green beans and onions, the basil. I believe I may have done well, not amazing. I'm trying to pinpoint what was missing as far as authenticity. Maybe it needed more of sauce maybe. I didn't add ginger and now I see most recipes call for it. I did add some Big Ed's dried pepper flakes and some white pepper for heat. I need a wok that will give me the high temperature the dish needs to achieve too, so maybe that was it.

Speaking of Curries, The Runaways sort of changed my life back in Fort Wayne. I was drowning in a sea of uncoolness in my white orthopedic shoes working as a dispensing optician by day and searching for intelligent life by night. Saving my pennies to move to California. I would get relief by driving during my lunch break and blasting my power booster with some Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. I was thrilled Joan Jett had gone solo and even though I couldn't really understand that glitter-glam pop stuff she was doing, I still thought she was an amazing rhythm guitarist and overall cool chick. But when I first saw pictures of the Runaways I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Joan Jett was me and Cherie Currie was the sidekick I needed. She liked Bowie and wore those amazing boots! She had perfectly feathered bangs and wore corsets. She understood what it was all about. Or so I thought at that time. Time always tells the true story P's always sayin'.

I found a Cherie in the Fort, my high school buddy and fellow stoner, B. She looked the part but secretly liked Styx I later discovered. Her blond hair was a boy magnet and she always managed to find a party. She wore a great pair of high blond leather boots and indulged my rock dream rants. The truth came out eventually that she wanted to be married and have a family. Nothin' wrong with that. Bless her heart though she moved out west with me and we had a blast for a while.

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