Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hail yeah!

And now a hail storm? Okay, I don't remember the weather ever being this freaky here. No one is really making a big deal about it on the news but c'mon! we don't have hail storms in Brooklyn! That storm last night was violent, it hit quick and in an instant it was serious and scary rough. The lightning was like exaggerated movie lightning. The cars had to pull over because the street was like a river. Now tell me that is normal.

People were joking today at work about the 'wrath of God'. I wasn't laughing. I still get paranoid that I'll get struck down by lightning for making off color jokes. The nuns kinda did a number on my gullible nature. But I think it was for the best because I have a feeling I mighta done a lot worse without all the fear in me. I barely have time to mess up I'm always worrying. Lately, I worry that there was a big management change upstairs and the 1st Testament God is back. And he is not having any of this nonsense going on down here. And now he's gonna start messing with the controls.

Another theory is the earth is just rejecting humans altogether and trying to purge us out of it's atmosphere like a bad house guest. Who'd blame it.

The weather's freaky, I'm freaky but I got my P back and all is well. That means its time to eat. I mentioned this Japanese Curry Udon that I had eaten on so many lunch breaks in Times Square (see This Bird has Flown) at a little hole in the wall. I kept thinking of it after making my Indian chicken curry with potatoes this week and I just had to get that flavor back in my belly.

Well to celebrate P's homecoming I put this together quickly after work and it was a success! I made the Udon noodles in its little soup broth in a wok, added the fresh spinach just to wilt, bowled it up and then ladled a big scoop of the curry and chicken - topped that with the green onions and man, it was super close to the soup I remembered. I hope they serve this up there or wherever I end up.

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