Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bundles of Joy

My dad called me tonight. First thought.... something terrible happened. But no, it was just a call to say he really liked my Sid's Squirty Butt Chili Powder that I made and sent him! He said he put it in his bbq sauce of all things and a dab in his menudo. He actually went on about it for a moment. He said I really hit on something but that he could only take a small hit. Success!! I've never made anything too hot for my dad and that was the goal. He asked all about it, so even though I think maybe he just wanted me to talk to mom and get a break, at least he made the effort and that was such a little gift. My dad Never calls me unless my mom's in the hospital so this was a big deal. Truth is, he shouldn't have to call me. I have 'call the folks' on my daily lists, every week and sometimes I do it, but sometimes I fail and I feel like crap. So now I can actually rest easier tonight knowing all is well.

The other gift was that my mom now and then will drop these cool stories that I've never heard on me about when she was a little girl and tonight she gave me one. She said she had a little stomach ache, maybe something she ate that her dad made her. She told me that her dad used to make her go with him whenever he shot an animal on the farm. She hated to watch because she would get close to the pigs and the cows, they were like her pets. She said he taught her how to clean and cut them up and she learned but only so she could cook for him but she herself didn't like to actually eat the meat after seeing all of that. She said it really hurt her.

I always knew that my mom got a little skiddish around meat and that she loved tomatoes and green salads, much lighter stuff. Generally she ate very little meat. I just never knew why. And to think of all the roasts she made for the family knowing now how she felt. Must have been tough for her.

When I got the call I was feeling a little squeamish myself after all these headaches and medicines I've been taking. I decided against making the Indian chicken curry tonight and instead just some steamed pork wontons. They were so just what I wanted, something light. Little bundles of joy.

The last gift. In my trips out to Asian restaurants I've always loved this little sauce they serve along with dumplings or wontons but never knew what was in it,except soy sauce. Well, just a little recipe off the web and badaBOOM! There was the exact flavor I loved.

Bundles of joy tonight, gifts from the heavens above. Steamed Pork Dumplings.

Dipping Sauce
1⁄2 cup each lite soy sauce and rice wine vinegar
2 Tbsp sliced scallions
1 tsp each minced ginger, dark sesame oil and sugar
1⁄4 tsp Big Ed's crushed red pepper flakes

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