Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Winner Takes it All!

I am spiking my Brooklyn Monkey flag in the ground and claiming this my invention as I was not influenced by any on-line recipe.  Mexican Shrimp Fried Rice, using leftover day old Mexican rice and hot sauce. You could definitely add an egg to this but I added corn, green onion, fresh tomato, chili-spiced shrimp and jalapeno.  This was so dern delicious, I almost shed a tear.  A big handful of cold ice berg lettuce seasoned with lemon, s&p allowed the perfect crunchy bite! That little crisp on the rice takes you to your happy place. 
This was a great lunch box meal the next day.  This might be a good time to suggest to double your batch the next time you make a great rice of any kind because your universe just opened up on fried rice possibilities!  
You are welcome, my friend! 

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