Thursday, March 23, 2023

You Make Me Feel Brand New

Sheet Pan Medley
It's impossible to invent a dish made with common ingredients, but sometimes like a song, using the same 3 chords, you are still able to make something fresh.  I was a pioneer of the sheet pan dinner (in my mind).  But due to the amount of experimental home cooks and professional chefs these days, I have to wonder if it's even possible to be the first one to create anything.  Hundreds of people more likely, woke up one day and decided to include meat on their roasted vegetable tray.  People have been adding carrots and potatoes under their pot roasts for decades but it wasn't until more recently that someone took a 1/2 sheet pan, threw a bunch of well oiled and seasoned vegetables along with some meat into the oven on high heat and called it dinner.   Thus was born the Sheet Pan Dinner.  Less clean up, no fuss, easy and more importantly, exceptionally tasty.  And little did anyone know just how versatile the theme could be.  The best part is you can use what you have. 
But the main benefit is that it's a meal by itself, so if you must, don't do more than make a grain to accompany it.  I made mellow Turmeric rice for this pepper, chick pea and ground beef SPM (sheet pan meal).  Vegetarians will delight in the meaty, savory texture of a roasted chick pea. For days!

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