Sunday, March 5, 2023

Everyday, Love Me Your Own Special Way

Farro is a hearty, earthy grain that can replace rice or quinoa.  You can cook it in stock and add herbs and garlic, seasonings or leave it pure as a base.  The texture is great for a vegetable-grain bowl too.  So far, it's affordable and you only need a small portion size if you're not a glutton like me.  What you probably shouldn't do is serve farro with potatoes as I did here, as that's two starches.  At this point in your life, your cholesterol is most likely higher than it should be.  Pre-diabetic, they call it.  

But sometimes two unlikely good things together work, like my bud who coincidentally is my longest running 'couple' friend.  He finally married the love of his life in San Francisco.  I'm happy for them both and feel it's the best thing that could happen.  I'm not usually an advocate for marriage in general, but this one makes sense to me.  Just like sometimes you need roasted potatoes with your farro even though they're both starches.   
They've only just begunšŸŽµ
Rod Temperton
Fun fact addition:  Another surprising delight, in recalling this Heatwave song I discovered that Mr Temperton was the unlikely songwriter and member of Heatwave and also wrote 3 songs for Michael Jackson's 1st album including Rock with You and then later, Thriller.  

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