Thursday, March 16, 2023

She's Got a Way About Her

Italian Meatloaf
If you haven't already, I would strongly suggest you make this recipe.  Yes, meatloaf is considered an everyday-no big shakes-dinner but I promise you this is special.  I added the turkey pepperoni on top.  I had to make this again to prove it wasn't my imagination last time, that it really did pack a unique punch of flavor. It's cooked in this simple tomato sauce but that also allows a nice sauced-up serving.  You can serve over polenta instead of mashed potatoes.  You could also serve it with a side of noodles, using the sauce or just vegetables, like garlicky green beans.  
Julia Collin Davidson of America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country, uses a ream of crushed saltine crackers and soaks them in milk instead of breadcrumbs and somehow these become the magic ingredient.  The Parmesan is also delectable.  
I had once thought people who overthought food didn't 'get it', that they were missing the soul it took to create the most delicious food because that's how I knew it.  Not by people who had studied at schools but who grew up watching and learning in that way.  Now I realize these folks, like the ladies above are the studio musicians, the Wrecking Crew if you will of the culinary world.  They do get it and make it better by finding the most efficient way to prepare and crisp and cream and make outstanding.  Now, I get it. 

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