Thursday, March 16, 2023

Give Me Just a Little More Time

Lunch Box Meals
I found that being in the mindset of completely geeking out and making a whole afternoon of meal prep is more like a full moon.  It comes on and it's wonderful but I'm not always in the mood to think this hard about lunch or spend hours developing ideas for something that lasts 20 minutes.  Instead, I make meals that would taste good for lunch and dinner and just prepare more of it.  Anything that includes protein, grain and vegetables is golden.  This Shrimp and sausage over rice was perfect. 
Thickened chicken and vegetable soup was filling and satisfying. 
Roasted vegetables over herbed-up barley.
Baked chicken with roasted potatoes & carrots
Egg roll filling over brown rice
Ranch Chili
Meatloaf and spaghetti
Since I began bringing my own lunches and stopped eating the staff cafeteria food, I've felt healthier and slightly lighter.  It's made a difference if I can stay away from the vending machines.  But they've also changed and hired a new manager who is bringing much better food.  Better tasting, not necessarily healthier, so it's tempting but I've managed to stay away from the likes of barbecue ribs, Jamaican patties, a rockin' hot dog bar and vats of buttery mashed potatoes for over a year now.  
Italian Meatloaf

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