Friday, March 10, 2023

Happiness is a Thing Called Joe

Yip Yips
I'm digging the pants off of making dishes that when I was a kid, assumed could only come from a can or a frozen box.  I believed that the manufacturers of these products held special powers to produce these unique treats.  Back in the late 60's, early 70's fast food was just being invented so these flavor bombs of salt and sugar umami tasted devilishly good.  Like Manwich's Sloppy Joe.  I can still recall the smell of my mom making these over 50 years ago.  She was the best cook but there was something very alluring about eating these new American creations, these saucy treats that felt similar to going to the drive-in.  It was a culinary adventure.  
I understand now, they had many names depending on what state you grew up in and oddly, in my husband's small town, they were named Yip Yips.  If you haven't made them in a while, I would suggest doing so immediately as they are an absolute delight.  I reduced the amount of added sugar to nil on this recipe  from my main man Chef John of but they didn't need it.  

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