Sunday, March 26, 2023

There's A Party Going on Right Here

Birthday Enchiladas
A 60th celebration for my mate called for a Deluxe plate of Beef Enchiladas with Mexican rice and saucy beans.  I made a platter of stuffed jalapeno peppers with homemade hot sauce and chips. 
My mom's special secret sauce recipe was requested again and I believe I may have perfected that balance of creamy and chili texture and flavor.  I can't do it everytime but baby when I do, it's dang special. 

The night before, we got John Wick'd at Alamo Drafthouse with snacks and sweets as is now customary. Tradition is good.  I used to think it was boring but there's something comforting about it, especially in these odd times.   I guess tradition is the comfort food of life.
Baked Jalepenos stuffed with cheese, garlic, hard chorizo and onion.  Never underestimate the bounty of flavor that emits from a roasted pepper.   

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