Monday, November 11, 2019

I Am the Walrus

A day in the life of a foodie.  The scene:  Gorgeous young woman takes lunch break from her exciting well-paying job.  That afternoon in the executive cafeteria a seed was planted by a healthy bowl of black lentil soup with croutons.  It was smoky and satisfying but reminder her a bit of another great dish.  The little seed grew into the idea of chili for dinner.  These urges should not to be ignored.  You don't go messing around with cravings.  They're like monsters that only get stronger the longer you make them wait.
By the time she got to her lavish high-rise apartment it was getting too late to begin a pot so she had to act fast.  A helper came in the form of a can of Wolf Brand no bean chili.  You can understand the seriousness of the situation.  There was no other choice then to bring pantry staples into this.  She immediately got everything to a boil after quickly adding a can of pinto beans and spices.  While heating, she chopped some onions, pickled jalapenos and then grated a soft pile of cheddar for garnish.  I know this amazing woman's story.  It's one I've lived hundreds of times.  You see or get an idea for a specific type of food in your head and then you must make it happen.  You are a foodie.

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