Thursday, November 28, 2019

Seems I Got to Have a Change of Scene

I went to Madison, Wisconsin and somehow still have no clear idea of the terrain but I know it was wonderful to leave New York for a change of scenery.  It had lots of water from 3 large lakes and a very noticeable peaceful calm about it. It was cold the day we arrived and very windy.  We stopped at a local restaurant for lunch before checking into the hotel and made sure to get some of that great cheese and locally baked bread.  These were house made spicy potato chips, a great idea!
Waypoint Public House
We were invited to spend Thanksgiving with P's family and friends at their gorgeous farm house.  If you were to have a gathering in your dreams, this might be the venue.  A huge open space with rooms galore and a full service basement that opened to the outside complete with kitchen and bar.
Our hosts were great cooks but more importantly amazing, good people.  They accomplished impressive feats like serving a complete meal including hot turkey to 24 people all at once.  Later when we helped clean up we all realized they had to go out and get place settings for that many guests as well as silverware, platters and plates, bowls to mix everything and serve.  This was the Woodstock of Thanksgivings.  Some folks were to stay longer and most arrived days before.  Napkins, table clothes, drinks, wine and the cleaning!  The cleaning must have gone on for days and days.  They had freshly baked bread, snacks, not silly ones but well thought out ideas like a gorgeous cheese platter with fruit and the best crackers.  Susan made bagels, no, listen to me, she made homemade bagels! Can you imagine, because I can't?   I'm telling you, the people in my husband's family are capable, like really capable.  Not to mention pies and desserts with fresh whipped cream and this all happened quietly without any known stress.  I say known because there had to be some in existence but we sure didn't feel or see it.  The spacious farmhouse must have been slightly responsible for the good vibes but of course the people that gathered were all there out of love and thankfulness.

This group was thrilled when they had the spontaneous idea to make Micheladas, a Mexican drink with beer and tomato juice. I recalled that those were supposed to help with hangovers.  I think they wanted to make Bloody Mary's at first but beer is the choice liquid of most of the family.

P's sister and partner have bees and chickens, and are refurbishing a real barn.  It was all very lovely to be honest and even though I'm dreadfully shy in large groups, I stayed pretty comfortable and content.

They added another table to make room for additional guests and used the children to help make individual place cards for all.  

The little kids were like real adults that were able to joke and be cool the entire time.  I was so touched by being around them.  Such bright spirits!

I can honestly say I love each and everyone of these people and consider the bookends my ancient spiritual compadres. 

Homemade Sourdough Bread.  Get out!
My mother would have loved this room, a solarium, looking out onto countless birdhouses and a field with tons of trees. It has a blue tile floor and wood beams on the ceiling.  I kind of gasped when I saw it, sunken from the living room, struck by such a wonderful space to witness beauty.  You can imagine it in the spring filled with happy plants.  The whole place leaves you with that feeling.
My only regret was that I didn't go back for seconds on my dinner plate however I did manage to test all of the desserts...a couple of times.

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