Tuesday, November 26, 2019

When I Hear Music

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An all time favorite - Mermaids
Like music, many people ask you to define your cooking style.  Actually come to think of it, no one has but I feel pressure to know in the case they ever do.  I've understood mine, only through knowing what it isn't.  It obviously isn't based on technique or culinary training, definitely amateur but home-cook sounds so darn boring.  It's not pretentious, has some kick, heat and spice, speaks to a budget, hopefully slightly creative (although not much lately). I buy organic, grass fed, local and all that when I can but I'm not obsessed. I'd love to have my own garden someday but it ain't happening on a Brooklyn fire escape, not with these ninja squirrels.
This poached egg on half a reheated leftover pizza slice would be a great example of my style.  I'm a hint of Cher's, Mrs Flax in Mermaid's where I fear the commitment of a full sit down dinner.  I'm very into one bowl meals and 'bites'.  Snacks excite me.  I cringe at the word 'supper', it reeks of the dreaded 6pm sundown hour and normalcy.  I was never a fan, even in childhood of sitting at a table facing humans.  I'm too bothered by the chewing and silverware clatter.  I'm more happy dragging it to my cave and devouring in peace. 

I actually fit this Epicurious description quite well from this lighthearted article:  7 types of home cooks

The Freestyle Dilettante
The kitchen is where you express your creativity, a rules-free zone where you combine whatever cuisines, techniques, and ingredients happen to catch your fancy. Sometimes, your one-of-kind creations are mind-blowingly good (and unrepeatable--why didn't you write it down!) and other times, well, whatever. You had fun.

Sidenote - aka YouTube wormhole:  Speaking of freestyle, my goodness as soon as I read that word it takes me back to the wee 80's in Fresno, California where our butts were saved at the record store I worked by this genre.  Debbie Deb, Lisa-Lisa and Cult Jam, Expose, The Cover Girls, and the list goes on and on.  I can still hear When I Hear Music on repeat for what seemed 2 solid years in a row.  You could not keep the 12" in stock.  The DJ's had to get the girls to the dances held in the halls and if you didn't play Debbie Deb, then you might as well expect to see an empty floor and stacks of lonely guys.  I was fascinated that something so void of soul could spark so much passion in this crowd but it makes complete social sense since the boys needed girls to watch their spinning sessions on the cardboard that doubled as mating displays.  
Hanging in the backroom of Record Factory in Fresno California circa 1984

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