Monday, August 12, 2019

Where Do They All Belong

Chicken Vegetable Soup with Black Rice
Garden chicken vegetable soup with a black rice mixed in.  I love a sturdy rice in a soup to give it a bit of nuttiness amidst all of these soft fresh tasting herbs and vegetables.

I took a walk around Fort Greene park, and after what seemed like hundreds of pregnant women, I passed a circle of parents with small toddler aged children, all gathered round watching them play together.  I wondered if they all knew each other or naturally formed friendships based on their child's compatibility.  Further down, I passed another circle, this time of dogs and their owners.  They also seemed to be chatting each other up turning this into a social event.  Walking alone childless and dogless, I went to visit my friends, the trees.   There is something for everyone in a park.

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