Thursday, August 29, 2019

If You a Loser or a Winning Man

The Fulton Mall Downtown Brooklyn
When I first came to New York one of the first things I noticed was there were tons of straight men that were not shy in their pursuit of women. In San Francisco from where I came, you truly could start to believe the species no longer existed.  That they had been replaced by plant-based, non muscly shoe-gazers that mainly wanted to be your friend and who always came with some gay leanings.  Coming from that extreme, so protected, it was almost vulgar the way these manly men spoke here, the way they looked you up and down, without shame.  I was able to roam free with just flimsy bras and slutty clothes without notice in SF where here I quickly learned to keep my naughty parts under wraps.  I also learned that procreation was king out here.  Men were looking to spread their sperm and women were looking to breed.  Even the bodies were different, everyone seemed to come in a larger size.   The whole social process was turned up to 11.  I was out of my element and realized I needed to just move out of the way.  I was a shapeless little waif, in my mid 30's still not understanding the meaning or value of life.  I was not even in this game.  The big money rat race was it's own monster while the underbelly was all these good people coming to this country to make futures and families.  I always loved New York and wanted so much to be a part of its core.  I think now I realize you can come and watch but I could no more be a New Yorker than I could be an Asian.  But it has a lot to teach nonetheless.
You think nothing ever changes and then it does.  The Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn has changed over the last 5 years but its been subtle.  The landscape is making big strides with new high rises going up right and left.  All the ridiculous shops that lined the streets are closing one by one and being replaced by recognizable brand names, which is good for shopping.  It's still a little sad to see a piece of old New York fade away.
Now the streets of Manhattan is filled with more metro-sexuals and the mating game is far less serious I guess because the stakes are not as high.  It was a good lesson though for me to learn that men find women and vise-versa for real purpose and not just fun and laughs.  That the whole mating ritual was not solely for quick pleasures but like worker ants, this was an entire system with structure.
This Accordion Chicken Primavera had great structure as it was filled with zucchini, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms. 

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