Monday, August 5, 2019

Where's the Party? I Want to Lose Control.

The one day this year, mind you the hottest summer on record, that we decide to do a fun day trip to Jones Beach it is not only downright cold but rainy.  How incredibly appropriate to the shit year in some ways.  I was absolutely not beach ready but I made the effort to scan the last chance racks at the local stores to find a small size in the ocean of extra large bottoms and mismatched tops big enough to make a hammock for me and my sister.  The stripes were going to the wrong way but the colors didn't make me gag and more importantly it fit.  We was just looking to have a little fun.

When we arrived we figured the clouds would burn off and the sun would eventually appear, even though the radar stated otherwise.  It was actually super peaceful just to lay there on the soft sand and listen to the waves crash on the beach.

Until drops of rain that I could no longer ignore started coming down at a faster pace.
At one point more and more people were joining in the hopes that this day would shape up.  We even had a life guard on duty even though not many folks braved the big waves.  It was super early though, we like to go before the crowds flow in.
P was still acting like either of us was willing to jump in this ominous surf, obviously trying to psyche himself up.  I was already seeking out the nearby lunch spots knowing quite well there was no way in hell I was getting in that water.
We took a walk along the empty boardwalk and found the restaurants weren't serving for an hour.  Seeing as I was using my towel as a coat and had to hold my hat against the wind, the good times had become our ability to see humor in all of this. 

Even this group packed it up and left after the rain and wind made it impossible to pretend this was pleasant.

Party's over chicken bone!  As my friend Nick used to say to me back in San Francisco when our good times would have to come to an abrupt end for various reasons.  Back to the homestead.  There I made a hot and cold taco salad with a fun dill Havarti cheese and Red Hot Blue Corn Chips. 

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