Sunday, August 18, 2019

There's Something Wrong with the World Today

I once shamed P in front of his sister and girlfriend for not helping with most chores or cooking even though he's quite good at making meat.  Enough so that there was a streak where he did prepare a few meals in a short period of time.  Like this one of steak, baked potatoes and salad.  What a treat for someone to prepare a meal for you.
I have maybe the last remaining remnants of the old Midwestern wife in me.  I was the last girl born at the tale end of the baby-boomer generation, and the start of something brand new.  In general I've always felt that I was living on the edge of an era, that I was like the closing crew coming in to shut shit down.  I predict that marriage roles are going to change drastically in the next years.  It already has for so many including us.  We've never joined our money, we split rent, and married 25+ years into the relationship living as roommates for large chunks of that time but yet I make the meals, clean, shop for food and furnish the apartment, make it home for the most part and he's always taken care of all the utilities, repairs, landlords, taxes, 401ks, garbage, heavy lifting.  He's like the back end guy and I'm front of house.  I guess marriage can be anything you make it but it's also a business arrangement with someone you love, run like the labor union.  It's just that now I think someone has to step in and renegotiate those women's contracts.  

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