Monday, August 12, 2019

You're a Superstar, Yes That's What You Are, You Know it

Everywhere I go there are little purple flowers that show my mom's influence from heaven. 

Fashion is pretty out there right now for celebrities for sure but unlike the shocking punk era, more and more regular folks have all kinds of hair colors, are wearing pants of every shape and size and in general, having a real go at self expression.  Its so subtle, it can go unnoticed but if you pay attention, you'll see some radical ways of looking modern normal, I'll call it.   Where I work, there is an entire more distinct revolution in hair design going on that sometimes makes me gasp.  Colors and lengths never imagined.  Even though I don't follow the industry of fashion, I've always been super interested that it mirrors society and what is going on politically.  In New York there is a global language so it varies quite a bit.  And the internet world bleeds out onto the streets by showing its influence as well.  It's just an observation that many young girls dress like they are celebrities.  And I only sneer at this because I believe the focus should be on the producing of artful things.  You become worthy of looking interesting when you are indeed that.  Its more of an organic process where you transform. But sometimes you gotta look it to be it, so whatever works. I'm pro-mixing it up actually because inspiration sometimes comes from within. 

This is me trying to look fancy and impress my mom on a visit back to Fort Wayne after I had left to become something.

There are still plenty of old school Brooklynites in their giant shorts and bad muscle tees with sports logos or super hero characters and their wives squeezed like sausage into some too tight non-breathing fabric.  So it balances out.  You really can't count what goes on in Manhattan because it's no longer a real borough but a giant outdoor mall filled with visitors. 
I dressed up a traditional recipe to fit the times with this Ground Turkey Zstrogonoff made with zucchini ribbons.  Yogurt and lemon replaced the sour cream.  Plenty of fresh thyme brightened the whole vibe of the pan.  This was a winner in both the visual and taste categories.

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