Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Gotta Walk that Road (trip) All the Way to Heaven

Drive in Road Trip
It became fitting that P's car turned over 100,000 miles while on this road trip with a drive-in movie theatre destination to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. 
It goes without saying that the movie was 100% incredible.  We loved it and it was special to see it at a retro drive-in complete with 70's prices and pin-ball machines. 
A 4-movie theater only drew 6 cars total due to a huge impending storm that never came. 

I envy P in that he can throw on man shorts and pretty much fit in anywhere with his crazy ass. No one knows the freak that lives inside that normal exterior.

The town was so interesting that I was able to write a short horror story about it.  Like any small towns even though the shops and people are very cool, there can be a sad deadness to it all, if you look.

Bar food - The Cask and Rasher was a great surprise.  Bellying up to the bar, I was picturing a giant grilled burger but instead we opted for Shrimp salads and a side of tater tots.  The shrimp was sweet, delicious and plentiful dressed in the brightest greens.  So good!  
When the cook came back out, I think he was a little shocked to see I chowed that sucker down like his patrons taking in the last swallow of their pint. 

We found an incredibly clean and gorgeous state park with swimming and peddle boating.  And somehow when you drive far enough away from your real life, you are capable of performing these joyous acts that just 24 hours ago seemed impossible.  I turn and look at P and we're in the middle of a beautiful lake peddling a boat.  This is America! 
Later we swam and I did many laps in crystal clear calm water.  This totally made up for the freezing day on Jones Beach the days before. 
They even had a concession stand with coffee and beer, tacos and ice cream.

Later we found a Mexican Restaurant in a house and inside was a giant waiter that seemed to be out of central casting. 
When the breaded jalapeno poppers came I thought, okay this is going to be that kind of Mexican restaurant.  One that does not generally cater to Latinos.  But you must be open to all experiences and no food is bad, just different.

But when the main platters came, it looked like the real comforting combination plates that I crave.

On the way back to the hotel the darkest clouds came over the town.  A storm was to come during our stay and no one thought we'd be able to swim or see the movie but we did all of that and had the best time. 

P's in love....with his car so it was fun to watch him wash it so thoughtfully with care and intent.  I remember when he used to look at me like this. 
On the way back we stopped to get a real quarter pounder with cheese, fries, and strawberry shake.  
Free breakfast at the hotel.  Given the choice of a buffet, it's hard not to just get a bit of everything. 
One last chance to take a dip in a local lake on the way back, but we decided to leave it for the gods.  We had a blast and our fill of water sports.  
I sneer and grumble every time we have to pass that big wall of disgusting Trump Towers coming into Manhattan.  Of all the beautiful old ornate buildings that line the West Side Highway, these stick out like soulless architecture void of anything New York except money. 

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