Monday, November 12, 2018

Eat, Love, Pray

Stewed Chicken with Quinoa

Brother Dave's Birthday gravesite. His family shared photos of their celebration of his memory

I don't understand how to selfie.  I have not practiced much but once or twice a year I'll see a great photo of someone and think I could pull that off but turns out, no, no I can't.  First of all you don't take them in the mirror but otherwise my nose always looks twice it's size. 
So my niece shared a story on group text about my brother's love of chocolate cake, her dad who passed.  So at work that day, a coworker coincidentally brought an entire box of these sweet little cupcakes from Baked, mostly chocolate.  I had two like a maniac.  Another blessing was that we had food catered in from El Mexicano, the most tasty Mexican take out I've had in Brooklyn.  I thought of brother Lobo and how in Catholic school you brought treats in for your birthday to give to your classmates.  I always loved that idea because it taught kids that you could actually share and give instead of get on your special day.  Possibly brother sent these blessings! 

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