Monday, November 5, 2018

Is That the Way it Ought To Stay?

Rustic Mexican Shrimp Platter
If I have a style when creating dishes I guess it would be rustic.  I like vegetables and meats much of the time in their own little natural state.  I like fired things, roasted or braised.  I like layering elements but not in the 80's way of stacking all abstract but more like a painting or how you see a nature view and feel you want to snap a picture.  I love color that adds the right flavor to the meal. Actually, I have deep emotional thoughts and considerations about food, music and people that extends beyond my scope of understanding most days.  Sometimes it becomes so overwhelming that I lose myself entirely, like a high or deep low, depending on the conclusion. 
I just wish I could transfer some of this passion to a place that will hand me money for it.  We have about 5 new women in positions at the store I work and I can't help but envy their drive and commitment to home furnishings.  They look so motivated to perform their roles as 'managers' each day. The store is a mess and we're way down in sales and nothing seems to get better.  I don't see their effectiveness yet they continue to look very committed.  I believe they are sincere. People seem to so easily buy into very unimportant and uninteresting concepts I notice.  It gives them a false sense of importance perhaps. I can't pretend any of it matters to me other than the human to human interaction. Yet I do a really good job.  I make sure I focus on what I'm supposed to do every day, all day.  But the loyalty I have is only to myself, my own set of rules I hold to for no one. 
And the rewards for my own false sense of importance in the world so far are right what you would expect them to be.  Nil to none.

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