Tuesday, November 13, 2018

She Didn't Know What She Was Headed For

Lean Crust Pizza slice Arugula, artichoke, olives
I don't know that I have a compulsive disorder but I am writing this on 4/16/20, about 2 years later amid the Coronavirus Pandemic because I have some very bizarre need to keep this lifeline of a blog alive and in precise order.   It feels like a disservice, to who I don't know, but I don't like deleting any post.  If I at one point bothered to upload pictures to this date, it either means the meal was amazing, or the day was noteworthy.  I usually write in the notes little hints for myself to provoke my memory, but this time I did not.  So I can only share what I do know.  I know that today, Lean Crust pizza is closed due to the city shut down.  I think they could have made a fortune with take out only but they made the decision too quickly to close as did so many local restaurants.  So now the only way to get a good pizza is to pay 3 times what you would have or you can buy the supplies and make it yourself.  I can also tell you we used to get 5 slices of different varieties and cut them in two and we'd call it a pizza party.  Just that power of suggestion always made it so.  Well, party may be overstating it.  We'd generally be happier, as people tend to do when they're eating pizza.  And P would be forced to hang out because half the celebration would be to choose which slice would be next and discuss why we dug it so much.  Like a wine tasting. Sometimes the slices would be super creative. 
Following the picture trail, I guess this was when the new pop-up location for Rough Trade opened up around the corner.  I feel like it was in the summer though.  It was a tiny location, had great youth traffic because it's in between subway stations but on the other hand, it's an area without a defined personality anymore.  They shared space with a hipster barber shop, predominantly white meticulously bearded 30 somethings, that did great business... also closed, hopefully not for good.  Another record store went in since and we've shopped them regularly too but everyone is closed for our Corona Spring.
Rough Trade 
And this is what I had in the staff cafeteria at lunch that day, back then, when I had a job.  Now I'm furloughed.  So the moral of the story is you could never in your wildest dreams imagine this could happen so any worry about the future is useless and a complete waste of time. 
My lunch at work

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