Thursday, November 8, 2018

I'd Like to Dream My Troubles All Away On A Bed of California Stars

I thought these baked turkey meatballs were cute until I saw my bud role up.  A site for sore eyes, a smiling friend coming to visit.  A Californian in New York stands out like a bright, shiny penny.  Anyone grinning this big here normally would be suspicious.  Maybe it's all the vitamin D but this beam is sincere. This was an overnight quickie layover visit but chocked full of fun girl talk.  

Sheet pan dinners are God's little gift to home cooks.  Don't underestimate the awesomeness of roasted everything.  This time, seasoned turkey meatballs, chick peas and cauliflower.  If you needed a little tang, you could add a couple of tomatoes to the pan. Just sprinkle with a fresh herb for color to plate.
Unfortunately she arrived too late in the evening to enjoy my offering but I kept some cake slices to nibble on.
After we spent most of the night talking on the couch, I had my no make-up morning world turned upside down with more discussion, the kind that only two gal pals can cover.  This would be a nightmare for P but it felt like a dream to me.
We went after all the top priorities as best we could in the time we had before she drove away in her sister's chariot.

While she was waiting for her ride she took a picture of the dresses next door as I often do.

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