Friday, November 16, 2018

The Beautiful Ones

This was one fine ass pork chop.  I finally braved the Stop N Shop at Atlantic Center again after they had switched from PathMark and after I realized after a million years I was incorrectly calling them Path Mart. The changeover was clumsy and I figured it would be poorly run but it's actually not bad in there.  Produce will still be purchased from my local green market and surprisingly, the prices there are much better and the vegetables are fresh and crisp.  But for meat, this is the place. 
Besides, I miss shopping the big aisles of a proper grocery store.  I also am fond of the perks card.  These magical plastic badges turn a nineteen dollar chicken into six dollars and fifty eight cents.  That feeling you get when you save is real.  Definitely a marketing scheme that works. 

Pan roasted broccoli rabe with mushrooms and garlic. 

We had us our first snow storm last night but by morning things were melting fast.  We lost a lot of trees and branches around town.  I don't understand the reason.  Some say the trees were dry and branches just broke off.  I thought maybe the ground was saturated and that caused the trees to fall. But that doesn't explain both.  Could be the weight of the wet snow.  I'm observing the trees more in general these last years.  I've even began worrying about certain ones that I notice aren't blooming properly.  I love the trees especially that live in the city because I imagine like us humans, they are tasked with finding the best way to survive in this crazy place and must have their challenges.  The beautiful ones are even that more impressive when they stand proudly in the projects or in abandoned lots, along an otherwise uneventful block.

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