Saturday, June 23, 2018

What's So Obvious Now, Was Just as Obvious Then

Another omelette gone scramble mid stream.  I'll keep trying but realize it's a lot to do with the pan.  All my non-stick pans stick, thanks to the almighty slayer of all things nice. 

Went to see the Hereditary movie at Alamo Drafthouse.  Did not thrill and delight after the first 20 minutes unfortunately for me.  So much potential and great ideas though.  I did love the set design and cinematography, the actors. I like to believe I should be a highly paid talent scout for major young screen stars as I always notice them early.  Like with Nat for years and now his brother Alex in this movie. It's all intuition, you know like the way Trump understands climate change.  And apparently it really is the same because on further inspection, these Wolff boys have been on the main circuit for years, had a TV show, a band and come from famous parents.  My only craft was to notice their presence which is not a big stretch.
When I'm not imagining non existent skill sets, I like to watch P run the steps at Fort Greene Park.  After tagging along numerous times I got the similarly brilliant idea to join him. What a great, super quick but embarrassingly obvious idea for me.  It's four levels and if you run up and down 4 times with only a short breather in between each, you feel the benefit. 

 Image result for getting a brilliant idea gif

 He's all alone with those nasty push ups though.  

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