Monday, June 18, 2018

So Hard for it Honey, So You Better Treat Her Right

Chili Tamale Skillet 
I produced two fun meals out of one small chili batch.  Firstly a corn meal spicy tamale type skillet with melted Cheddar cheese over the chili.  Then adding cool, crisp iceberg lettuce and onion to the top.
Then later, took that same leftover chili and lettuce head and built a cool bed for bunless chili hot dogs with pickles, cheese and onions. 

Made a more substantial plate for the nut.  
As many folks sit comfortably debating who is pouring into the country and taking advantage of all our perks and benefits, I couldn't help but stop and consider a story that has been going on in my mind for about a year now.  I've mentioned before that the retailer I work for has tried many different cleaning companies to maintain the store.  And like many jobs in New York, certain groups will take over the industry, or at least dominate it.  So we have settled on a Central American staffed cleaning institution and for the most part, the same folks stay for a few years at least before moving on.  They seem to do a great job.  By just saying hello and observing individuals, I've managed to build stories in my head, some good, some bad.  One lady in particular who cleans the women's restrooms each week.  Now let me first say that our staff and customer bathrooms become disgusting beyond belief. The amount of traffic cannot explain the types of things going on in those stalls.  I can't imagine how a grown woman can create such travesties but it happens on a regular basis.  Without going into too much detail, it is everything you can imagine and so much more.  And everywhere, on the walls, the floor, the sinks, you name it. So the job this woman and others are asked to do is above and beyond what should be called for in my opinion.
And different days I've felt apologetic that by some crazy universal turn of the wheel I am not the one in that position.  I'm grateful and also want her to know that I realize it is a super shitty job and I in no way condone or contribute to the behavior that goes on in those stalls.  This particular woman is older, probably a mother and grandmother.  She has tired eyes but there is much trouble and distress in those peepers too.   It's not all peace and love, which I respect.  She is undoubtedly revolted and I don't blame her.  Throughout time I've discovered this woman has a real problem with smell and also with sounds of regular bathroom matters.  In other words, through my constant nerdy observation I've come to understand she can't stand the sound of peeing. So much so that she stands at the hand dryer and holds it until we're all done.  It's impossible feat as lunch time is a constant flow of gals.  She tries to keep the door open while the other cleaners don't and makes several unnecessary trips to stand outside, probably to prevent gagging.  She hums and coughs and does everything she can to muzzle the sounds.  I have come out and the look on her face tells me she's just getting through this each day.  This is a major struggle for her. And as I mentioned, the actual mess must really take it's toll on someone like this.  I bet her house is immaculate.  Like me, I bet she wonders which among us are these vile individuals who continually produce these atrocities each day especially following her thorough cleanings.  I've considered asking management to send out an email covering basic human conduct.   Good Lawwwd, please help me understand people!
It's difficult for me to see equally oppressed people behaving poorly to groups a notch or two down the ladder, females in particular.  I'm disappointed and surprised how easy it is for all the regular co-workers to treat this crew as if they are all beneath them too, that they work for us.  But then to realize this poor woman is in a horribly matched job for her constitution and is visibly suffering through it.  I wonder if her vision of America ever included the inside of public bathrooms filled with vile, snotty, pissing girls.

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