Monday, June 4, 2018

The World is Black, The World is White

This was a downgraded pizza party.  We did get slices, but calling it a celebration of any sort would be a slight overstatement.  The slices at our neighborhood pizza place used to be so amazing before the talent went to open a new location.  Now, still good but we have tasted greatness, therefore its difficult to go backward.  So it was a low key night, however we did get a chance to chat about something that's been on my mind lately.  What is up with this new phenomena of people calling out other white people?  All this blaming and shaming based on color, instead of individuals.  I don't like it anymore than when it's done against any other race.  It's unsettling.  I get that everyone is evolving and possibly some ultra liberal Caucasians are feeling guilt about their ancestor's ongoing and past crimes against humanity. Maybe it's partially all the viral examples of present day mistreatment and disrespect filling our feeds.
Whatever is bringing on this self hatred, if anything it's opened my eyes to how ridiculous but very real these bitter feelings are that we all harbor towards other races for legitimate reasons.  That's not to say I'm condoning acting out prejudices or treating others unfairly.  I'm saying if we are to be keep truth as the focal point, as we bring more love into the picture, adjustments need to be made as well. Conversations are getting tougher.  Its not black and white.  In fact the soup's getting too murky to even keep the same divisions. 

It feels wrong to describe other whites using the word as if they are describing terrorists or known felons. The word is taking on a very negative connotation. Also and more importantly it sounds as if they are describing something they are not. 

Its always slightly suspect to specify ethnicity when telling a story.  I shamefully admit that as a Mexican-American family, we often had to indicate race when relaying an incident to our parents.  If I got called a name, my mom needed to know who exactly she was dealing with in order to armor me with the proper response.  These are things we did in private though and it was always for defense.  Even now if I get a bad customer, my husband wants to know all details, including, if applicable, what kind of white person.  Rich, Upper East-Sider, hipster, educated, old, straight - each category broken down.  I guess it helps to paint the picture.

But what we're seeing now is different.  Only in our new upside down society could a group become prejudice against their own kind. With all the headaches we have going on in the world right now, I certainly don't want to start worrying about good consistent white people falling apart.  Perhaps we have concentrated too much on all the bad history and that has thrust an inordinate amount of guilt on conscious people.  But yet they've had to hold all this shit together for a long time as the rocks, the stable ones.  I believe the majority have tried their best even though it's all pretty much gone to shit from greed and lack of spiritual connection.  I wish I believed that another race would have done better.  Different maybe but we're all human and highly imperfect.  I'm convinced anyone would eventually screw it up no matter what color.  Look at all these brilliant geological sites.  This shit ain't easy.  And now here we are sitting in our own mess, all of us together.

Maybe this is a sign to other fellow Americans, not everyone but those who can, those who can spare it, to forgive our white brothers and sisters for past digressions.  Free them from the guilt shackles we put on them.  Never forget and certainly not take any new oppression from anyone or group.  But it's time.  Yes, it's time to view the road ahead jointly, hand in hand.  If a man made disaster doesn't do it first, it clearly leads us straight to either insanity or self destruction.  I can already hear Mother Nature chuckling as she gets ready to chalk up another lost civilization.

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