Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Oh Tell Me What Am I Without You, By My Side

Depression is a dirty little whore. She'll get in bed with anyone who is feeling shitty. And her friends are the bad crowd.  I used to hang out with her but I've been trying to shake her for several years now.  She doesn't take a hint and seems to get happiness in bringing me down. 
Hell, she's been around so long I sort of forget who I am without her.  If I'm not dreading, fearing or loathing then what am I?  I have a ton of happy, humorous moments as many sad people do but at my core, I can't say what if anything lives there.  Whatever it is it's filled with discontent.  Joy also, hope as well.  Fear takes up so much space I should charge it rent.  I worry a lot.  Sometimes it becomes debilitating, although age gives tools to fight many of these soul crushers.  If you know better but you don't know WTF, then there you will find me.
Chicken with Mushroom over Polenta

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