Sunday, September 24, 2017

No Wise Man Has the Power To Reason Away

Beyond Meat Asian Lettuce Wraps 

Beyond meat pack
1 bunch of green onions snipped
I can Bamboo Shoots
1/4 cup Roasted Peanuts
Serrano pepper
Chile Oil
Sesame Oil
Soy Sauce
Batch of Lettuce leaves rinsed and separated
Some talented writer really needs to do a piece on the effects Donald Trump is having on our psyches.  I hate to admit it but I'm having some very personal and harsh reactions.  I found myself home sick this week with a bad cold for a couple of days.  Unable to find movies, I ended up reading endless articles, and tweets.  Even worse than those, the comment sections on his twisted thoughts.  My head felt like it would surely explode with anxiety.  A prism of conflicts shooting in every direction in my mind. And mind you all the while knowing, full and well this is completely against what my focus should be right now, if I am indeed trying to understand what's happening in the world.  There are very tangible horrible realities taking place at this very moment.  A threat of WW3 with North Korea, hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, entire cities without power or clean running water, healthcare.  My God I can't understand how one asshole could draw us all away from our own priorities so easily.  The man who was chosen to lead us is doing everything in his power to separate the masses and is manipulating and feeding our weakest and least educated group a full diet of their own fears and ignorance.  He doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself.  He is a narcissist to the 'nth degree.  But I have never witnessed such outright self serving behavior and I will say by definition, evil in my lifetime.  At first I believed him to be just another con job from New York.  Not particularly smart but certainly shiesty enough to weasel his way through the systems and come out with more money.  Get around all the rules.  Someone who takes things for free and feels winning is in the getting.  Like a rich Mr. Haney from Green Acres or our entire capitalistic system.  This isn't particularly interesting or new. But then upon listening further I thought, oh gosh he's a complete idiot. That brought on further anxiety as the global game has stepped up several notches and our brightest deepest thinker is what is needed right now if we can be greater.  Rational, level-headed, intelligent, worldly.  Good gosh I thought, he could be much more dangerous than I had initially feared.  This is not the devil we know.  Now more months in and several atrocities later to good judgement I fear he really does have a true agenda and it has nothing to do with us, ANY of 'we the people'.  And THAT recognition has me drowning in flight or fright mode.
I worry this is having a big effect on the day to day life here in society. People are getting so mean. Words are powerful. It's as if hate has been given a new breath of life and intensity.  And at the same time, if you're a thinking person you can't help but envision this new future of natural disasters on our doorstep and what that will look like in a world so divided.

I divided up my meatless mixture onto these big lettuce leaves and added a little chile oil before serving. One thing I learned is that if the meal is really light, adding heat makes you slow down and that prevents you from inhale your dinner so fast that you're hungry before you finish.   The crunch of the salted roasted peanuts with the green onions is a highlight.  

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