Thursday, September 7, 2017

Maybe I'm Crazy, Maybe You're Crazy

These meals are like my lost works. My B-Sides.  My Live in Tampa Album.  It was really satisfying but seeing it now, I think what the hell?  Basically I used what I had.  Thick slices of baked Yukon potatoes on bottom, topped with sauteed red cabbage and chicken sausage.  So it was comfort food reworked.
This graffiti is actually a rework of a former design too.  Before there was a spray can image. I like this one better as many nights I've felt my dreams were muffed up by all the political unnecessary nonsense.
This was unique and cool as well.  A broken mirror in pieces on the ground but the frame still stands.
Made me want to stand in front of the frame but then faced with no image, I was forced to look internally.

These were my favorite new additions. 
Honorable mention.  This I found way down by the water in Red Hook. 

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