Saturday, September 30, 2017

Runnin' With the Devil

Diablo Shrimp and Potatoes
I believe I did a version of this before but you would be so surprised just how good little seasoned crispy potato chunks taste with spicy shrimp let alone with a warm devilish sauce on top. My sister named the dish when I sent her the pic and it fits.  I love these types of meals that are born just from random life. I needed to use up my potatoes and there was a random sale on these brown tomatoes. If I had tried to invent this, I couldn't have done better.  Definitely a complete meal although I suppose a green would be good with this.
I put the effort into the homemade roasted Kumato hot sauce.  Yesterday I made a batch of sauce fresh and cold with avocado.  This time roasting made it more smoky and the flavors run deeper.

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