Friday, September 8, 2017

Could It Be It Was All So Simple Then?

Shrimp and 'Grits'
Okay, I took several liberties as I didn't have grits but I did have a medium course corn meal.  I thought to do a Cajun-y style dish after work but it had to be super quick.  P actually helped in the kitchen for the first time in 4ever! by constantly stirring the meal.  And that really is the secret to the smoothest polenta and corn meal masa.  Maybe it's just in your mind but something about a constant stir incorporates flavor in that SOB. While he did that I seasoned the shrimp in Old Bay Seasoning. I small diced a piece of mango chicken sausage and jalapeno.  When the masa was finished I added a pinch of cayenne and some EVOO, a little white cheddar grated on the plate. And for a quick finisher, I added some leftover frozen corn.  I cooked the corn, shrimp and sausage in my wok.  Wok's are great for making it happen.  I get a rush, sort of like you're performing a live show.

I bought a bag of frozen shrimp from Amazon Fresh and really for the money, you can stretch more than a few meals out of this bag, so it's worth it as a little treat here and there.  There was a time I'd walk over and get fresh shrimp from the market on Court Street on my day off.  It's about a 45 minute walk there and back. Its funny how little things change slowly like this.  There is no way in hell I'd walk all the way over there just to get shrimp for dinner now. Not only that but waste the time in my day off to do it.  How was it once all so manageable even just 5 years ago?

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