Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What Goes On In Your Heart, What Goes On in Your Mind

This week I don't think an hour went by when I wasn't talking or thinking about politics. And that is not how I want to spend my days.  We all process differently but I'm beginning to notice there are a lot of folks that are being affected health-wise by the current regime.  People are holding this extra stress.  In retail sometimes we become like bartenders where people will randomly share their feelings or confide in hushed tones as if you are in some secret room.  And unfortunately this week it was always about Trump.  And not once has anyone said, man what a cool thing he did there or ever speak about him in any positive light.  No, it's always some humiliating or cringe inducing comment and now, more and more manipulating hate speech.  Not to mention the actual impact he's making, good things he's undoing.
P used to tell his Union guys the only time they'd have a problem was if he had to think or hear about them.  In other words, if they did their job well, they had full autonomy.  Because he had no interest in micromanaging anyone.  That's the way I feel about the presidency.  I don't want to have to give this much focus and attention to anything, let alone something that will give me no joy, entertainment or sexual pleasure.  He is distorting all reality and coming from such a sick mindset that it is driving me to dissect and analyze all his movements and his words.  Never has anyone so illiterate had such an impact with, via tweets mind you but still, written word.  
But at some point I put the responsibility back on myself to manage my time and energy.  Not to let anyone take my joy ever again. You have to live your life and this asshole may be shortening everyone's time here if he eventually acts out of anger.  So I aim to at the very least, eat well. 
The word Kumato struck me again while shopping and for $1.99 no doubt!  I immediately blended for some fresh hot sauce to add in all my meals.   Bought two packages, one for raw and the second I will roast.

Poached eggs in sauce and pinto beans.

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