Thursday, September 14, 2017

So Little Warmth I've Felt Before

P went for a visit to see his brother and I awoke sensing that familiar dark cloud feeling that is the beginning of Fall in the air. I do generally love Fall as a season but with it comes a haunting loneliness that takes me back to the scary feeling of leaving my mother's womb by force as I was breach, and bursting out unto the cold, cold world.  I thought I'd live peacefully in there forever.  If you only knew the sunny days of summer you could be someone else.  Fall forces you to face dim realities.  Similarly when school started up I'd unwillingly leave the warmth of my mother's lap and be forced into the harsh world of social interaction.
Thank goodness our sister Terry introduced us to the hugging arms of pasta at a very early age.  I immediately understood the calming effects and used it as medicine whenever I needed that emotional embrace.  On this day I added shrimp, pepper flakes, lots of garlic and whole tomatoes.  It was a very quick fix.

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