Saturday, June 10, 2017

You Get the Best of My Love

You can look at this plate and see that I did not make this.  This is clearly someone else's work.  Patrick made dinner tonight, I think for the first time in like a year but the funny thing it was almost this exact day.  I was sick in the head and he came through.  If he applied himself, he could make killer burgers but he likes to act like he is incompetent in the kitchen.  This gets him out of any future rescues.
You know when someone cooks for you, it's so much better because you don't have to do anything but just wait to be served, preferably laying down in a bed. There is something to that plate coming right at you.  That alone is worth it.  He did good, kept it simple.  Not like he would have if we were just dating mind you.  This is definitely a husband's effort.  He's not making it special, not trying to get laid. If he was trying for that, he would have toasted that bun and slapped some mustard on it, not left it all lonely and naked like that.  No, this was more out of long term obligational guilt.  This plate is like a passing C grade, just enough to slip by.  A well done burger with condiments. He did cut and buy fresh tomatoes.  The pickles and stuffed garlic olives were a nice touch. And he opened and heated a can of black eyed peas.   I would have never thought I'd enjoy those peas.  Bought them thinking some day I'll use them as a side, all dressed up.  They were good warmed up out of the can though. (clearing throat)  If that's all he had in him for his WIFE that cooks almost every day but wasn't feeling well enough this day...then, who am I to complain?

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