Friday, June 2, 2017

Some Girl Who'll Thrill Me and Then Go Away

Did you ever notice in the movies friends are always the best of themselves?  So giving of their time, always there for each other during the important times.  They always seem available and fun-loving.  When they start new jobs, their lives instantly become wrapped around their coworkers.  They get to know their neighbors, attend functions in their small towns.  No one has any baggage or hang ups. I've always wanted to either be that or have that.  I still want a movie friend.  Well, sort of.  I mean, I'm really private and need my time and really don't like talking on the phone or social gatherings, public places.....I hate shopping unless its with my sister for some odd reason.  Sometimes the sound of women's voices makes me cringe.  Why so high??  As long as she spoke like a human and had a brain, not too girly silly, had the best sense of humor and liked amazing music, good movies and wasn't a fancy pants. Oh and she has to be kind and humble.  There is no room at the inn for meanies.  Other than that I could really use a fun gal pal in my life right about now.
Speaking of fancy, with our regular pizza party P picked up this amazing Grilled Portabella Salad with bleu cheese and enough mixed greens to make a meal out of the next day at Lean Crust Pizza.

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