Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Down By the Seaside, See the Boats Go Sailin'

Green Giant Steak Salad 
Beefed up take out.  I took the salad mix and meat from Habana To Go Steak Salad and added in all my fresh greens and re-seasoned the meat with pinto beans to make a Green Giant Steak Salad. Too good.  
The day was so gorgeous, I rode an hour before going into work and I wasn't even crying. A touch of old lady humor for ya.  Where my seniors at?!

A house or an art installation?  Hard to tell.  Red Hook and the Gowanus area is mostly nothing.  Lots of sadness, huge housing projects smack down in the middle, dusty parks, shut down baseball fields. But then it's art and inspiration, stillness and empty piers.  The best and worst of one world.

One of the last nearby places you can go and spend time completely alone with urban decay but always with a bit of dreamy manipulation.

Words can't compete with the sound of a breeze or the soft waves hitting the rocks on the pier.

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