Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Cloudburst Doesn't Last All Day

Black Bean Patty with Hummus over Brown Rice
This is how I am a 14 year old sometimes.  I'm riding into work after torrential rain and I see a flooded street nearby.  First I privately revel in the scene. Oh man! Wow, look at that!  Then, I stand on the side and watch on my bike as the cars each attempt to cross it successfully.  I'm thrilled and delighted to witness this spectacle on such a dim day. I'm taking pictures and watching as each driver makes the decision to cross or turn around.  I would give the nerd's thumbs up when they were safely on the other side, bending down to try to catch their reaction and reassure them that all was good as if I was somehow significant.  It wasn't until later that I became self conscious.  Who the hell am I?  One can sometimes lose sight of how a 55 year old woman should act in society but it's usually when I do that I have the best times in life.

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