Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hashtag #Pizza

Writing this in August, I realize we had an amazing weather summer even if we get a heatwave in the final weeks.  There was tons of rain and cool pleasant temperatures.  Emotionally it was a tough one.  When someone is very sick in your family you carry it with you like an oncoming flu bug.  You already feel run down and you know it's just gonna get worse.  But you still have to go to work and clean your house and make food.  Or you don't, like I tended not to do several times this month.  Lean Crust Pizza slices, crudite with hummus and watermelon.
A little Colorado shout out to my sis. Blue Moon Green Chili Hummus. Not bad at all.
I did make a small effort that morning and did a quick hash topped soft poached eggs.

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