Thursday, June 15, 2017

And In the End, The Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You Make

Set off from Brooklyn to Manhattan to see a friend and to check out another friend's art gallery showing in Midtown.  I took the long way and walked up the East side from Union Square.

Walked through Grand Central Station. Admired the room for a nanosecond and then plowed on.  I had 20 minutes to make it to 59 and 6th.

Forgot to cut over and overshot the park by about 10 blocks, then had to race and backtrack.

Made my destination and was only 15 minutes late.

It's always good to see these art installations on the sidewalks.  Conscious rebels leaving their mark. Nothing about the city feels connected to this statement but it certainly feels relevant.  Everyone is always rushing off to their own private somewhere.  Confident strides to separate worlds. I can't help but feel an emptiness.  If you don't have cause to be here, a purpose, then perhaps the city gently guides the tides to push you back to your home borough.

But I did have purpose. I came to see incredible art by Sara Nili.  I wasn't sure after a long walk in the sun, a little sweaty and hungry how much I would consume but as soon as my eye settled in the quiet room I instantly felt nothing of the city.  The white walls and warm hallways seemed to extract the previous hours and all there was this.
You shouldn't try to describe art. It's not necessary.  But trees at night and all those little subtleties that your eye catches in the dark.  It was all there.  I mean all of it. Things you didn't even realize you noticed.
I was moved and affected.  I felt different when we left like the paintings changed the dimension we walked in now.

Everything was better.  We talked about art and creating and how that is everything now.  We talked about when we were so caught up in silliness that we forgot what is important years ago.  How you get tricked into believing it's interesting to be busy.

Lunch at Ramen-Ya on West 4th.  Japanese comfort food at it's cheapest best.  I died and saw heaven in that broth.


pan-fried dumplings stuffed / tofu, cabbage, edamame, shiitake-mushroom and chives / ginger ponzu sauce mustardtomato sauce and shis
These were delightful!
Artisan Ice Cream from Van Leeuwen on 7th.  My friend needed something with a cherry on top damn it and if that meant I had to eat salted caramel ice cream than so be it.   Excellent.  Two points off for not being able to warm the hot fudge though. 

And in the end, I got my very own piece of art, from my friend,  made especially for me.  I quietly ducked back into the subway that took me back home.

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