Monday, June 19, 2017

Hello World I'm Your Wild Girl

I almost beat the rain home on this day.  I stopped to gawk at the incoming clouds coming up the Buttermilk Channel and lost time.  About 5 blocks from my apartment it came down harder than I've seen it rain in years.  It was so warm and felt so good to get utterly soaked. I couldn't see so I pulled over and stood in it until it let up enough to ride the rest of the way.  People were all pressed against buildings and huddled under awnings, running for shelter.  The city had a moment.  One of those where you all just stop and acknowledge each other, if only for that tiny bit of time.  Recognize that we're all just soggy varmints out here running around trying to act like we're not.
I live for those occasions.  And for torrential downpours.  For any time when people put down all their social crutches and are willing to play.
A ginormous summer salad was in order with a garlicky lemon vinaigrette.

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