Monday, October 3, 2016

Don't Let it Bring You Down, It's Only Castle's Burning

 Chicken Enchilada Soup.  At first sight of this recipe on a grouping of Fall soups, I crinkled my forehead.  Enchilada soup?  No.  But you know what?... Delicious! Use your own homemade enchilada sauce and the flavors go way deep.  Instead of adding 8 whole ounces of cheese to the pot, I just put a small handful in the bowl upon serving.  Much better.  We don't need to start eating cheese soups at this stage of the game, you know what I'm sayin'?  In place I added a huge pile of fresh cold iceberg lettuce, avocado, green onions and tomatoes.
I'm also trying not to put lots of cheese into my brain.  But you have to live in the world.  That's part of being human.  I'm knee deep in Donald Trump-isms this week.  I have such a hard time believing thinking people could consider him anything but an evil raving lunatic.  Yet, some folks I like and admire will vote for him come November.  You watch videos of his supporters being interviewed and they sound like irrational, uneducated, hatemongers.  And come on, are these people really the correct representation of his group?  Because that's a lot of people.  I know that is not what lives solely in between our coasts.  I really try to understand but I'm sorry I simply can't get past what comes out of his mouth almost every time he opens it.  I don't want to believe that smart, loving folks could see that debate and with a straight face say, 'yes, this is the man I want to lead this country'.  The man who is basically saying, I've screwed my own country by using it's own laws against the little people all my life and now I want to run it.  This country, the one that we all see as looking a little unhinged and volcanic right now. That leaves us vulnerable and weak.  So an admittedly shiesty New York millionaire is truly what you're hankering for Midwest?

Honestly it's weighed heavy on my mind, not how half the country could perceive reality so drastically different but how angry we all are becoming.  Truth be told, I actually wanted a strong Republican candidate to come around this time.  It's like when you win a lot and you sort of give your opponent a freebie.  Democrats had a long run, accomplished a lot.  I wanted this for a large group of the population that feel they have not had a voice. But not like this.  Not him.  And unfortunately now I see what it means that a strong leader can unite because a very weak man is dividing up our country in the worst way.
I don't relish in negative articles that support my own views.  I don't feel superior to this mess.  I am absolutely terrified right now of things I read and see.  This is a reflection on all of us. We've all failed when a large portion of the country feels this way.  I don't fear differences but I do fear violence, hatred and its power to build quickly.   I thank my lucky stars for music and good vibes that transports me from all of this virtual insanity.   I think its important to refuel, breathe and take in as much positive thought as possible.  Less cheese.  More truth.

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