Saturday, October 15, 2016

Never You MInd, So Go On and Have a Good Time

Saturday Brunch with visiting brother in law.  Discussing movie making, Trump lawns across the Midwest, current music obsessions, family and the life of a traveling salesman slash mushroom farmer.
Chilaquiles Verdes and what I call extreme pleasure and satisfaction at Pequena Fort Greene.  Even though it included a live action scene of a neighbor off his meds being escorted by fireman to safety after he finished his breakfast burrito mind you and ranted for way too long and loudly in earshot to be ignored.  We all agreed that it was 'so sad' when the waitress said he was usually fine..... except when he drank.  Each taking a moment to realize that was all of us at that table. haa haa.
P had the Desayuno Mexicano with chorizo.

A bromance unfolding.  The bad jokes, the dirty Catholic humor that only two rotten souls could produce.  It's all so heartwarming.
Not as cute later in the evening when you feel like you're turning into Michelle Williams in Manchester by the Sea

Dinner at Black Forest Brooklyn Schnitzel and the Wurst Special.

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